Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boys Hunting and Being Boys!!
This year on the rifle deer hunt we had blast. We didn't see anything worth getting excited over but we still got to have alot of fun none-the-less. Hunting is something my family looks forward to every year. We are very family oriented and look forward to getting out of town and relaxing in the mountains. This was the first year that everyone wasn't able to make it along. With school and work we missed out on having some of our additional family members there. That's alright, me and Josh had enough fun for everyone.

Oh and by the way.....Thanks again Celeste for holding down the fort and getting both of our work done while I was out in the tent freezing and eating cold samiches.

Josh thinks he's a big buck

Dad on his wheeler

Some Wild Turkeys (pretty cool)

Bud on his 4-wheeler

Josh even brought his witch costume along.

Dad checking in

On our way to the Flaming Gorge Lodge for lunch

Firing up the generator for Monday Night Football

We really roughed it....